Operating Theatre


Operating Theatre

Austramedex was founded on the manufacture of Needle Counters.  Austramedex has over 25 years experience manufacturing Sterile Needle Counters for direct supply to Hospitals and Day Surgeries and supply of Non-Sterile Needle Counters for Pack Makers for the use in Sterile Procedure Packs.  With this experience and vast product range we are able to offer the best Sharps Safety solutions for your or your customer’s Operating Theatre.

All of our Needle Counters are 100% Australian Made and Owned and made from Australian Materials.

Austramedex is continually manufacturing and sterilising stock weekly. Ongoing manufacturing helps ensure that stock is always replenished.  A very reassuring fact for all hospitals and clinics knowing that their products will not be on backorder or if they are on backorder will be available for immediate despatch early the following week.

Soon to be released is Austramedex’s new GRIIPIT device.  A sterile Non-Slip mat for use in the Operating Theatre.  Multiple sizes for helping hold instruments in place.  Can be used on the patient or instrument trolley.  More information on this to follow.

Other new products in this area include High Visibility Safety Strips (Cord Covers) to help minimize trips and falls in the Operating Theatre due to cords on the floor.