Next generation thread lifting

January 22,2015

Next generation thread lifting


Reproduced with permission from Aesthetic Medical Practitioner, Issue 1  December 2014. Words by Caitlin Bishop.


Silhouette Soft, distributed by Austramedex, takes thread lifting to new levels of ease, applicability and results.

They interact with the SMAS, provide a superior lift, and last longer before absorbing – Silhouette Soft, distributed in Australia by Austramedex, signify the next generation of thread lifting.

“Until Silhouette Soft, I’d given up using threads on everywhere except the cheeks,” says Sydney cosmetic physician Dr Neal Hamilton. “These threads are easier to use, provide a better lift in all areas and last longer for more collagen production.” 

As a concept, threads have always held solid potential. The idea of supporting the skin from within hints at impressive, long-lasting antiageing results. 

But, in practice – or on the surgical chair – threading technology has not always lived up to the theoretical possibilities. 

Silhouette Soft® has changed this reality, using absorbable bidirectional cones attached to an absorbable thread to interact with deep soft tissue – providing an improved lift. 

“These are the first absorbable threads that capture the Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System (SMAS) in the lift,” Dr Hamilton explains. “This means the result more closely mimics that of a surgical facelift.” 

“Unlike other threading options, the Silhouette Soft® threads do not have to be fixed onto a deep anchor – like the deep temporalis fascia or mastoid periosteum. Instead, they are inserted subcutaneously. The cones anchor to the SMAS and distribute the forces of lift evenly along the thread,” Dr Hamilton adds. 

The best results are usually seen in areas with ample soft tissue. Silhouette Soft® threads generate the best results in the cheeks, jowls, jawline, brows and neck.

“Silhouette Soft® work best in areas of the face with enough soft tissue to provide deep anchoring,”says Dr Hamilton. “I use a needle prick to insert the thread, and my patients don’t need stitches or bandaging following the procedure. The ease use means downtime is significantly reduced using Silhouette Soft.”

Although Silhouette Soft® should not be looked to as a replacement for facelifting surgery, Dr Hamilton explains these threads can waylay the need for more invasive options. 

“They are a wonderful refreshment for that middle group of patients who are not yet ready for surgery,” he says. 

“Threads can support the skin to prevent sinking and sagging. This also protects the integrity of the skin’s surface, by preventing the stretching associated with volume descent.”


Treatment and adjunct procedures

“My perfect ambit for Silhouette Soft® is to treat an initial patient with a whole face of threads to provide a foundation. Then, in 12 to 18 months time, I review the face and redo the area that has aged the most – I continue to review every 12 to 18 months, retreating and rotating around the face,” Dr Hamilton explains.

Greater definition of the jawline can be achieved when threads are combined with liposuction in the neck and jowls. Similarly, both volume loss and skin sagging can be countered when combining threads with dermal fillers in the cheeks. 

“I usually combine thread lifting with other procedures to give a more surgical-like result,” Dr Hamilton explains. “Threading combined with liposuction or dermal fillers can have a 1 + 1 = 3 like result.”


Business insight

Use as both a stand-alone and adjunctive procedure, Silhouette Soft® threads can help boost results and generate long-term changes in patients. From a business perspective, they represent a way to keep patients coming through the door and can help augment the results of other non-surgical treatments. 

“Although the cost of goods sold with Silhouette Soft® is one of our lowest, the hourly return is one of our highest and patient satisfaction is one of the best,” Dr Hamilton says. 

“Of all the areas to treat, cheeks usually give the most ‘bang for the patient’s buck’. If you get the cheeks right, it lends a better look to the eye, the mid-face, the nasolabial folds and the jawline,” he adds. While thread lifting as a procedure has gone in and out of fashion over the past decades, the concept has always been sound and, with Silhouette Soft, the technology is better than ever. “It’s time to stop judging the technology based on a poor reputation from years ago – Silhouette Soft® is an improvement in all aspects. It’s like comparing a 2013 BMW, to a 2000 commodore,” Dr Hamilton concludes.