Surgical Masks Type IIR


Surgical Face Mask Type IIR

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Healfiber Procedure Earloop Face Masks With Graphene Technology. Our Surgical Masks are tested and accredited to EN14683 Level IIR and listed with TGA. Don’t be fooled by fake or counterfeit masks!

EN14683 Level 1, 2, 2R or ASTM Level 1, 2 or 3..What are the differences? EN14683 is the European standard for Medical Face Masks, ASTM is an American based standards firm. In Australia our regulatory body (TGA) operates in parallel with the guidelines of the European Union (CE)

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Made with three layers of soft non-woven polypropylenes that prevent the inhalation or exhalation of respiratory droplets.

Highly breathable non-woven fabric makes breathing just as easy as if you weren’t wearing a mask.

This mask is only 0.04 mm thick and adds almost no pressure to your face. The elastic ear loops are flat and designed to fit the ear without excessive strain.

Made of soft, non-woven fabric that is odorless and soft to the touch to avoid skin irritation.


A special "Graphene" Layer under our patent trademark "Healfiber" which offers potential additional benefits. 


Biomass Graphene Design

1/ FIRST PLY Molding Layer

2/ MIDDLE PLY Meltblown non-woven filtering layer

3/ THIRD PLY Biomass Antibacterial graphene SS composite non-woven protective layer


Key Features

Surgical Mask Level IIR

3 layer filtration


Adjustable nose frame

Flat comfort earloop elastic

Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex



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