Respirator Mask FFP2 (N95)


Protective Respirator Mask FFP2 (N95)

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FFP2, N95, KN95, P2..What are the differences? N95 is the term to refer to the American Standard for this type of mask, FFP2 is the equivalent European standard, while KN95 is the Chinese Standard and P2 the Australian standard. View the comparative specifications on page 2 this 3M documentation

Another handy download is "How to spot possible counterfeit masks"

Uses a triple layer of nonwoven plus one of melt-blown material to block 95% of incoming particulates.

The adjustable nose piece provides a secure seal. Easy Breathing: Advanced non-woven fabric is easy to breathe through.

Made with durable elastic straps and a skin-friendly, soft non-woven fabric optimized for long periods of wear.

Made of soft, non-woven fabric that is odorless and soft to the touch to avoid skin irritation.


A special "Graphene" Layer under our patent trademark "Healfiber" which offers potential additional benefits. 


Biomass Graphene Design

1/ FIRST PLY Molding Layer-PP Non-woven fabrics

2/ MIDDLE PLY Filtration Layer-PP Melt-blown fabric

3/ THIRD PLY Bacteriostatic Layer-Biomass Graphene PP Non-woven fabrics

4/ FOURTH PLY Skin-friendly layer-PP Non-woven fabrics


Key Features

Adjustable nose clip for a maximum comfort and seal

Built with 4 layers of protective material

Greater than 95% filtration efficiency to protect respiratory health



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