Orthopaedic SRT 

(Sports Rehab & Trauma) 


Articular cartilage is a tissue without vascularization and with only one cell type: the chondrocyte, responsible for producing the extracellular matrix. It has minimal repair capacity, and its degeneration causes arthrosis. Any joint can suffer this pathology, and it is a major medical threat due to its prevalence.

AMT ® is a novel therapeutic tool for the traumatology field. The solution of micro-grafts of chondrocytes and growth factors obtained with AMT ® stimulates and triggers the tissue regeneration process without the need to expand cellularity or further manipulation. In the proliferative phase, AMT ® stimulates cell proliferation and division. In addition, in the final phase, AMT ® facilitates the maturation of newly formed collagen and the apoptosis of excess cells. 

AMT ® is a cutting-edge treatment to decrease pain, regenerate fibrocartilage, recover joint functionality, and delay the evolution of osteoarthritis. 



Androgenetic alopecia is the most common baldness in our society, and it affects both men and women. 

Analyzing hair loss with Handyscope (FotoFinder), a professional micro camera with polarized light associated with a server where expert trichologists analyze the photos taken, is the best way to identify the origin of hair loss; correct diagnosis is essential for treatment success.

AMT ® is an effective technique employing injectable micro capillary graft, which slows down the evolution of hair loss by immunomodulation and promotes hair growth. The micrograft solution obtained with AMT ® has the required properties, such as chemotaxis, cell proliferation, and high angiogenic potential to promote a regenerative tissular environment.

We have the most advanced, safe, and natural (biological) technology to assess and correctly treat the problem of androgenetic alopecia in just one session a year.


A youthful appearance and proper care of our skin are essential as a business card in a society in which the image is increasingly important.

AMT ® is a novel therapeutic tool with high applicability in the dermatological field. The micrograft solution obtained with AMT ® has multiple regenerative properties, such as chemotaxis, cell proliferation, and high angiogenic potential. Our technology complements, enhances, and makes the evolution of any aesthetic treatment aimed at skin rejuvenation faster.


Stretch marks result from the breakdown of fibers that lack elasticity during the stretching of the skin. These marks may appear due to development, pregnancy, or weight gain.

In general, stretch marks have a wine red color due to the inflammatory process going through the tissue; however, over time, they turn white.

The belly, thighs, hips, glutes, arms, and breasts are the most frequent places where stretch marks appear.

AMT ® is a cutting-edge treatment that stimulates and orders the formation of collagen and elastin of any aesthetic therapy intended for its treatment.


Vitiligo is an immune disorder of the skin, characterized by the presence of depigmented areas due to the lack of melanocytes. Vitiligo patients are more sensitive to sunburn. The contrast with the pigmented areas of the skin creates a major aesthetic problem for the patient.

AMT ® is a novel therapeutic tool for the dermatology field. The melanocyte micrograft solution obtained with AMT ® favors the re-pigmentation of the treated area.

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