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Be Safe , Comfortable and help share some Smiles!

New “SMILEšŸ˜€” design just released!!

Ear Savers are designed to helpĀ relieve pressure/ chaffing and bruising experienced by many who wear face masks..Ā  Rather than the elastic ear-loops resting behind the ear of the wearer, the Ear Saver offers multipleĀ adjustment hooks to achieve a better fit masks and relieve pressure on the ears from the ear-loops.

****Limited time offer****

****FREE ear saver of your choice with any box of masks orders (twin packs not inc)****


Universal Fit:Ā Suits all types and styles of mask with elastic loops.Ā  Fit most head sizes (including kids) and can therefore help achieve a more secure fit as well as taking pressure off the ears.


Be safe and smile:Ā  During these times, more than ever, we need to not only be safe butĀ we need to do it with a bit of humour to help brighten our day and the day of those around us.

As Australians we will get through this and have a laugh at the same time!

Express Yourself with our design and slogan options (refer to images and product descriptions).Ā  We offer both rectangle design and the popular pony-tail design.

More designs and colours to come soon.Ā  Custom designs are available (minimum purchase required)

Designed and made in Australia from environmenatally friendly and sustainable PLA.

****Limited time offer****

****FREEĀ ear saver of your choice with any box of masks orders (twin packs not inc)****

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