Reduce injection pain and make your product go further with Uniever triple tip needles. (Single tip ultra-fine needles also available)

The atraumatic microneedle (Triple tip) consists of 3 ultra-fine needles with controlled depth (1.5mm, 2.5mm or 3mm) to ensure the correct depth is achieved each time.  The ports on the tips are positioned to oppose each other to ensure a better spread of product when compared to standard needles.

Benefits include:

Precision:   The 3 available needle lengths facilitate the application of active ingredients at a uniform depth.

Speed:  Procedures become easier, more precise and can be completed in less time.

Increased dispersion of active ingredients:  The opposing needle tips ensure a better dispersion of active ingredients.

Reduced puncture resistance:  Highly polished shafts and sharpened tips reduce puncture resistance which helps minimise patient discomfort and facilitate penetration of ingredients.

Fewer breakages:  Reduced pressure reduces risks of bending and/or breaking other fine tip needles.



  • revitalising treatments.
  • regenera activa treatments.
  • other hair treatments.
  • hyaluronic acid.
  • hyperhydrosis.
  • prp.
  • meso.
  • botulinum toxin.
  • micropigmentation.
  • local anaesthetic.
  • and more…


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